Calling the SSA 1-800 number

Social Security does not have an automated system that follows your case as it goes from the local DO to DDS to ODAR. Whatever information the 1-800 number staff has, depends on whatever data entry has been made at each appeal level. The agency is working on a fully automated, paperless and efficient system. But there is still a long way to go and a lot of privacy issues to iron out.

Tracking your case at Social Security can be difficult

Here is a classic problem. If I file your claim electronically, I still have to mail or fax my contract to SS (because I can’t file it electronically) and hope they associate it with your case. I also have to monitor that to make sure they do it. I know they haven’t done it when my clients get letters and forms from the DE at DDS and I haven’t gotten them. So I mail and fax my representation information to the DO again (hoping they enter it so that the DE can talk to me about you). Ugh.

Before you hire a lawyer, you should ask these questions to make sure you will be well-informed about your case:

  • How often will you contact me to tell me what is happening on my case?
  • How do you know that SS has received what you send them?
  • Will you regularly send me proof that you have forwarded my paperwork to SS?

If you need more help with Social Security Disability, Call toll free at 1-800-481-0302.  Or visit our website.