Social Security Administration “revamps” their website:

It looks pretty good too!

On the Internet, at SSA.GOV the Social Security Administration has updated it’s look. I encourage you to take a look.  I really like it because it is much easier to use.  Well, It is for me, at least.  The tabs on top are intuitive and the colors are pleasant.  No more red, white and blue all over. According to the Comissioner of Social Security, here are the best new features.

  • Service channeling guide, which appears in the left hand column of the page.
  • Rotating “showcase”
  • Redesigned subpages for the major Social Security benefit programs — Retirement, Disability, Survivors, SSI, and Medicare (those are the tabs on top that I like)
  • An additional button — Business Services — links to a portal with information and services Social Security offers to businesses.
  • A news section keeps readers up-to-date on important Social Security announcements, and
  • A large question mark on the right side of the page takes visitors to frequently asked questions.

To visit Social Security’s redesigned home page go to

If you need more help with Social Security Disability, Call toll-free at 1-800-481-0302 or visit our website.