Diabetes Advocacy in Action!

I’m reaching out to you today, as a Diabetes Advocate, to encourage you to learn more about the advocacy work of the American Diabetes Association.  I’ve included a few links, to make it easier for you to check out key area of the Association website.
As you may know, the Association is the only organization that advocates for all people living with and at risk for diabetes –focusing on the following areas:
Ending discrimination due to diabetes
Securing adequate government funding for:
Diabetes research
Community programs that focus on prevention of diabetes and its complications. 
Ensuring fair and affordable access to health care
Association staff count on strong partnerships with volunteers, including people with diabetes, attorneys and health care professionals, to be the voice of of personal experience, professional expertise, or of the voting constituent.  In turn, volunteers count on staff to recruit, cue and prep them to be effective advocates.   With such a model, the American Diabetes Association has achieved great advocacy successes for people with diabetes  – on Capitol Hill in DC, and in state houses and in courthouses across the country. 
We need Diabetes Advocates, like you, to help deliver the facts about the true burden, risk and costs of diabetes.    
Please, join with me!  Sign up today to become a Diabetes Advocate and receive urgent alerts, and information about events in your area.
Through the Action Center, advocates from across the nation get updates to keep informed and action alerts so they know when it’s time to chime-in. They recieve a template or talking points for what to say in their letter or phone call.
You might be thinking, with lots of advocates and successes, why do you need me?
Well, we’ve still got a lot to do!
And, sadly, even with all of our successes on Capitol Hill, a recent poll showed that decision-makers, including Members of Congress, their staff and journalists, don’t think diabetes is serious.
We need to convince them otherwise! 
Imagine the power of a conversation like this…
Senator, I’d like to spend a couple of minutes letting you know why I think diabetes is serious.
Diabetes is now at epidemic proportions:
·         25.8 million with diabetes
·         79 million with prediabetes
Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate:
·         Now:  11.3% of U.S. adults have diabetes.
·         By 2050: 1 in 3 American adults will have diabetes, unless something is done to curb unhealthy lifestyle trends.
Every person with diabetes is at increased risk for death, and life-limiting disabilities.
·         Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, nontraumatic lower limb amputations, and new cases of blindness among adults in the United States.
·         Diabetes is a major cause of heart disease and stroke.
·         Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States.Diabetes health costs are a big burden – for all of us:
·         Individuals with diabetes incur more than double the health care costs of those without diabetes. For children the cost is six times higher.
·         1 in 10 health care dollars are spent on treating diabetes.
·         1 in 3 Medicare dollars are spent on people with diabetes.
Diabetes is serious!  And diabetes advocacy is serious business! But Diabetes Advocates know how to have fun, too:
 Check out this fun YouTube video – Stop Diabetes Blues:  
 Video is from our March, 2010 Call to Congress:   
Explore more on the Association website,  and sign up to be an advocate today!