Know someone with an Eating Disorder? Watch this show tonight.

Tonight on the E network, a new series premieres called “What’s Eating You.” According to Keri Glassman, a registered dietitian who is featured on the show,  only 1 in 10 people seek treatment… Continue reading

The “technical” criteria for social security disability

There are two disability programs available if you are unable to work due to medical impairments.  These programs are often confusing.  I have had potential clients tell me, “I don’t want SSI, I… Continue reading

How Social Security evaluates disabling cardiac conditions

Our heart is a big pumping muscle, in the middle of our chest, constantly sending blood circulating throughout the body to enrich us with oxygen or to acquire oxygen from the lung. This… Continue reading

The elusive list of medically disabling impairments

Since 1978 the “listing of impairments” have been used at Step 3 of the 5 step sequential evaluation process for Social Security disability determinations. They provide “per se” disabling criteria.  That is, if… Continue reading

Practical Advice to this Question: Where can I get help now that I am unemployed?

Lately, this is the most frequent question I am asked by clients and prospective clients alike.  Many people who lose their jobs because of health issues are quite distraught. In a distraught emotional… Continue reading

Now that I am disabled, why does Social Security keep asking me questions?

This is the most frequent question I get from my clients after they are found disabled. The long administrative review process is over.  But there are still more questions.  When you applied for… Continue reading

Can my doctor help me when I file for Social Security disability?

Your treating doctor can help without having to come to your hearing and testify.  In fact, doctors rarely do that.  They are too busy seeing patients to come to your Social Security disability… Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan’s ordeal with Drugs and Alcohol: Is she disabled?

Would Ms. Lohan qualify for Social Security Disability? Lindsay Lohan’s recent ordeal got me thinking about how Social Security might view her if she were trying to get Social Security disability benefits.  I… Continue reading

What medical conditions are considered disabling by Social Security?

Social Security has a list of  conditions which are “per se” disabling.  But all diagnosed medical conditions that affect the ability to perform a full-time job are considered by Social Security. Even if… Continue reading

Plus-Sized Controversy: Model Blasts Photos Altered To Make Her Look Thinner

Did you see this story this morning on the Today Show? There are a lot of reasons why we struggle with weight.  It certainly doesn’t help that the fashion industry sends the wrong… Continue reading