The Social Security Hearing

I’m not sure where this picture was taken, but this is pretty much what a hearing room looks like.  Cozy, right?  Social Security hearings are informal and non-adversarial.  That means, it isn’t like Law… Continue reading

Unemployment and Social Security Disability

It has been a tough year for our economy. According to the most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 9.3% of the labor force is currently unemployed. Unfortunately, when employers… Continue reading

Calling the SSA 1-800 number

Social Security does not have an automated system that follows your case as it goes from the local DO to DDS to ODAR. Whatever information the 1-800 number staff has, depends on whatever… Continue reading

Diabetes Related Amputations and SSA Disability

Many Americans suffer from diabetes. Since 1970, there has been a decrease in age-standardized death rates in 4 (stroke, heart disease, cancer and accidents) of the 6 leading causes of death in the… Continue reading

Who qualifies for Social Security Disability?

Individuals who can apply and receive these benefits break down into the following four simple categories.   Insured individuals who apply for disability benefits or for a period of disability; Widow(er)s and children… Continue reading

Helpful links to information about Social Security Disability Benefits has a lot of helpful information about Social Security Disability Benefits.   One of the best places to go for information on the government’s website is here: At this site, links… Continue reading

Will Social Security make it harder to get disability for diabetes? For adults, probably so.

Social Security is planning to make major changes to the endocrine listings. You can learn more about it at my website. The current rules must be extended by July of 2010 or they… Continue reading